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Financial Architecture Development and Improvement

Once a financial architecture has undergone a full assessment, Lux Magi consultants can use their experience to mitigate all the major weakness and risks identified. This mitigation can be a summary recommendations report which prioritises all of our advice or a full improvement program complete with resource plan and delivery schedule. We can also provide some or all of the personnel for the re-architecture work as you require.

Architecture development can often be most effective:
  • To address a known weakness in the way the architecture supports the key business drivers
  • Following a consolidation of two existing architectures (e.g. after a merger or acquisition)
  • In preparation for a major new business line (e.g. support of a new product set or new way of conducting business)
  • To forestall an imminent or mid-future risk identified during an assessment
  • To accommodate new infrastructure

Whatever the motivation, Lux Magi consultants can schedule architectural improvements for minimal disruption to business operations and with prioritised and linear delivery of business benefit.

Key Benefits

  • Access to experienced specialists in the improvement of finance architectures
  • Minimal disruption to ongoing business operations
  • Incremental delivery: benefit from early and continuous improvements
  • Business metric driven: see a measurable return on your investment

Improving Financial Architecture