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Financial Business Decision and Business Rule Development Services

Lux Magi helps financial companies worldwide to reduce the cost and time of change mandated by alterations in business policy through the use of safe agility.

Does your business need to constantly evolve to meet the needs of a complex market? Does it rely on an IT system to make business decisions based on client data? Do you find that it is expensive and time consuming to keep this system up to date with your latest business polices? Would you like to find out how business rules can...
  • Improve Business Agility: lower turnaround time and cost of your changes by an average of 72%?
  • Clarify Policies: visualise your rules in plain English and make them securely available across your enterprise?
  • Measure and Improve Policy Performance: meter the real effectiveness of your policies and change them to improve it?
  • Avoid the Brain Drain: mitigate the risk of losing vital business know-how when members of your staff leave?
  • Empower Your Business Analysts: put your business experts in control of your policies, allowing them to make changes without involving your IT department?
  • Comply with Industry Standards: help you attain rigourous regulatory standards without compromising processing performance?
  • Controlled Business Policy Development: centralise and audit the maintenance of your business policies?

Lux Magi has been helping investment banks, retail banks, insurance companies and financial service corporations to take advantage of the full benefits of business decision and business rule systems and architectures for over nine years. We offer:

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