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Business Decision Assessments

Business decisions represent a different approach to the representation and management of business logic in IT systems. They offer many advantages, but provide many pitfalls for the unwary (see our white papers for a partial list of these). Our experienced consultants can help you to avoid the latter with a well timed health-check or assessment.

Find out if your project is sleep walking into pitfalls that you may pay dearly for later on. Or consult us concerning specific difficulties that you are encountering. Our business rule expertise is highly regarded by our clients. Why not benefit from our experience by allowing us to review your decision architecture?

Should you decide you need more than an assessment we can also offer advice on improvements and decision system development services.

Key Benefits

A rule project or enterprise assessment is a cost effective means of obtaining an external view of your systems’ pros and cons.
  • Obtain an impartial and independent view of your systems from experienced finance rule architects at a fixed price
  • We can give an honest opinion free from salesmanship or office politics
  • We can make prioritised recommendations to address shortfalls and improve your systems
  • Performance issues? We can undertake profiling spot checks to identify your bottlenecks
  • Satisfaction, discretion and confidentiality guaranteed

What is an Assessment?