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Finance Architecture Using A Business Decision Oriented Approach

There are few business areas that benefit more from the business decision approach than finance. Key application areas such as accounting, reconciliation, validation and attribution involve making large numbers of complex decisions which change with time and need to be clearly understood and externally reviewed - all key strengths for business deisions. They also benefit from the high degree of traceability and multi-dimensional accountability that business decisions can provide.

Does your current architecture:
  • Allow your business users to amend accounting treatments, reconciliation policies, validation filters directly, rather than through an IT team?
  • Support change turnaround times of hours, rather than weeks?
  • Support complex reconciliation, even in the face of upstream data quality issues?
  • Express your accounting and reconciliation policies in plain English, facilitating external review?
  • Show you the full impact of proposed changes before you were committed to them?
  • Allow you to see the impact of ‘what if’ changes?

All of these facilities can be provided through the use of business decisions.

Lux Magi have designed accounting and reconciliation systems based on business decision technology for five of the top fifteen international investment banks and is highly praised for the expertise of its personnel. Let us show you the powerful synergies between decisions and finance

Key Benefits

  • Access to world class team specialised in finance implementations based on business decisions and rules (e.g. accounting)
  • Support truly ‘joined-up’ financial policies from P&L to ledger
  • Policies can be directly understood, and even controlled, by business SMEs
  • Rule Reuse helps to standardise your accounting and reconciliation policies
  • Policies are expressed in business terms and every change is audited: supporting compliance initiatives

Lux Magi and Rule Based Finance