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Proof of Concept Development

Would you like to see a practical demonstration of how business decisions could help you?

We specialise in the development of proof of concept implementations (PoC) to raise awareness of the advantages of business decisions and deliver value quickly.

Because our consultants have many years’ experience of PoC development and have both a business and technical skills set they can join your team, speak their language and begin delivering value very quickly. Unlike a systems integrator: you won’t be paying to bring our consultants up to speed.

Our services include:
  • Assess the relevance of business decisions to your enterprise
  • Introductory workshops to show you how others, like you, have benefitted from business decisions
  • High level opportunity analysis of your business case
  • Evaluation of the most effective way of using a business decisions PoC in your organisation
  • Identification of key risks and success factors for a PoC
  • Fast and accurate business requirements capture
  • Flexible design and implementation, including integration with key systems
  • Presentation of finished PoC

Key Benefits

Flexible PoC delivery options:
  • Focus on speed: delivery of a small, disposable, business solution in 1-2 man months;
  • Focus on reuse: delivery of the (reusable) core of a new system in a longer time frame; or
  • Focus on knowledge transfer: use a PoC as a vehicle to train your staff.

We have developed tens of business rule PoCs for financial institutions, many of which have been used as the core of live business rule applications.

What is a Proof of Concept?