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Business Decisions Product Selection and Evaluation

To make the most of of business decisions you will need to select a BRMS/BDMS product and, potentially, some other support tools.

If you have made a commitment to see how business decisions could help your business, wouldn’t you rather know the facts, not the hype?

Would you rather get the facts from a salesman or a practitioner with no vested interest in selling a tool set and many years experience of the tools concerned?

Our consultants have eight years experience of using the top five BRMS products and ancillary software such as business vocabulary management, BDMS, development, business modelling and change control tools. We know that project success comes from a complete all round solution and we can help you to:
  • Assess the relevance of business rules to your enterprise
  • Help you to navigate the bewildering choice of tools available
  • Assess and prioritise your real needs
  • Long list, short list and select a business rule management system based on your needs
  • Manage the vendor during the selection process
  • Help you to extract maximum value from a vendor by use of a competitive bid process
  • Help you to avoid the traps of selection

Key Benefits

Use one of our experienced consultants as your secret weapon in the selection process.

  • Get a quick decision, many of our selections take one week or less
  • Avoid the cost of a bad decision - reduce the cost of the right one
  • Impartiality guaranteed - we are not beholden to any vendor
  • Our reviewers know the marketplace and the pros and cons of the key BRMS/BDMSs, do you?

Why Evaluate Products With Us?