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Decision Based Accounting Engines

A decision based accounting engine is an accounting system that uses a rule engine, BRMS or BDMS to express accounting policy. It has the same features as any other accounting system: it accepts business events from a wide variety of sources, validates them and produces accounting treatments for one or more GAAPs to a ledger and sub-ledger as required. It can aggregate, post process and report on its behaviour.

However, because it maintains its accounting policy in a decision management system that policy can be expressed in business terms - in plain English - (not in technical code) this has the following business benefits:
  • the accounting policy can be reviewed directly by the business with no intermediary
  • the accounting policy can be changed directly by the business
  • new accounting policies can be implement quickly with no need for error prone translation by IT practitioners
  • the system can show the impacts of change before they are applied
  • the system can explain every output it generates - ideal for finding mistakes or training newcomers

Business rules are a natural and powerful way to express accounting policy. See our white papers for more information.

Our blog has more to say about BRMS/BDMS based accounting.

Key Benefits

  • Access to world class team specialised in accounting engine implementation based on business rules and decisions
  • Policies can be directly understood, and even controlled, by business SMEs
  • Rule Reuse helps to standardise your accounting and reconciliation policies
  • Policies are expressed in business terms and every change is audited: supporting compliance initiatives

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