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Business Decision System Development

Your business decision architecture is the most important asset your enterprise can have. It will determine how fast you can adapt to changing business conditions.

Most companies’ business logic is inextricably dependent on, or embedded within, their IT systems. Any change to this logic requires the intervention of their IT staff, which often seriously adds to the cost, time and error rate of change turn-around. With business decisions you can separate business logic from your IT systems and reap the benefits of having the two evolve independently.

We specialise in introducing corporations to the benefits of business rules and have over eight years of experience in the area. We offer:
  • Business decision requirements capture and analysis
  • Business decision mining from legacy systems
  • Business decision modelling and design
  • Business decision architecture, repository design and implementation
  • Performance tuning
  • Business decision for business users: we can help you to express your business logic in natural language so that your business experts can review and control it, rather than your IT staff.

Key Benefits

  • A decade’s experience of helping organisations like yours adopt business decisions and rules
  • Knowledge of the business rule patterns for a wide range of financial applications
  • Proven track record
  • Flexible contract options to keep your risk low

What Makes a Good Candidate for Business Rule Deployment?