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Architectural Assessment Services

A business system’s ability to deliver true value is directly dependent on its architecture: data, technical and business. Effectively architected systems are more reliable, quicker and easier to extend and adapt, cheaper to run and maintain, faster, more scaleable and meet the changing business need better than others.

We have developed many architectures for mainstream financial institutions which are highly regarded by our clients. Why not benefit from our experience by allowing us to review your architecture? We specialise in the review of finance architectures including accounting ledger and sub-ledger, reconciliation, business event validation, settlement, allocation, exception management and reporting components.

In assessing an architecture we consider:
  • The prioritised business drivers
  • The key barriers perceived by the business and technology stewards of the architecture
  • Contextual business trends and
  • Your general metrics of architectural health
The latter includes (but is not limited to):
  • Ability to Support New Products and Functionality Quickly Without Disproportionate Cost (Agility)
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Wide Product and multi GaaP Support (Scope)
  • Business Behaviours Driven by Explicit and Business Friendly Configuration (Literate Configuration)
  • Real Time Processing as Opposed to Batch Oriented Processing Where Appropriate
  • Ability to Support Versioned Reference Data (e.g. Instrument, Party, Currency and other volatile information)
  • Promotion of Good Internal Data Quality and Tolerance of Poor Upstream Data Quality (from legacy systems)
  • Transaction Boundaries and Course Grain Transaction Handling
  • Ability to Support a Minimum Guaranteed Quality of Service for all Business Events (QoS)
  • Accommodation of Conflicting Requirements of Transaction Processing and Reporting
  • Smart Exception Detection, Correlation and Resolution
  • Facility to Interoperate with External Systems (Openness, Standards Compliance)
  • Ease of Testing and Verification
  • Unobtrusive and Open Archival Process

Should you decide you need more than an assessment we also offer architectural improvement programs.

Key Benefits

A project or enterprise assessment is a cost effective means of obtaining an external view of your systems’ pros and cons.
  • Obtain an impartial and (vendor) independent view of your systems from experienced financial architects at a fixed price
  • We can give an honest opinion free from salesmanship or office politics
  • We can make prioritised recommendations to address shortfalls and improve your systems
  • We can identify existing and future problems based on data and business trends
  • Performance issues? We can undertake profiling spot checks to identify your bottlenecks
  • Satisfaction, discretion and confidentiality guaranteed

What Is An Architectural Assessment?