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What is Business Decision Modeling?

Business decision modeling is the process of identifying, analyzing, capturing, verifying and establishing the properties of key business decisions.

Business decisions are identified through the analysis of business objectives, process models, and use cases. The objective of modeling is for all analysts, subject matter experts and managers to create a shared understanding of business policies and operation decisions. Two standards exist to assist in modeling decisions: The Decision Model (TDM) and the Decision Model and Notation (DMN). The act of modeling decisions using one of these standards:
  • Captures a precise definition of your decision
  • Enables decision to be shared throughout your organisation
  • Allows you to spot logical flaws in your decisions and correct them
  • Supports the monitoring and optimisation of the business performance of each decision

Lux Magi uses and recommends the Decision Model (TDM) as a means of capturing, expressing and managing business decisions. Lux Magi were among the first companies in the UK to adopt TDM and our clients have benefited considerably from this approach. We also use the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) and we can help clients to determine which standard is most appropriate to their needs.

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