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What Our Clients Say About Us

We make it our business to discover what our clients think of the service we provide, enabling us to improve our services. We present some of their views here...

  • (The consultant) has been very effective in his current role. He has architected, designed, prototyped and overseen implementation and governance of the new, strategic, transaction accounting platform for DB... His knowledge and experience of the transaction accounting domain has been instrumental in moving the TA platform in spite of business requirements not being well specified at times. In this regard in particular, (the consultant) has exceeded our expectations of his role... clearly a strong team-player. He is never protective of his extensive skills and knowledge and always willing to use them to enrich the team’s capabilities
    -- Project Manager, September 2012.
  • He was always willing to listen to feedback from members of the Transaction Accounting team and adapt any proposals to incorporate that feedback... Conversely he was able to argue constructively against any proposals that he felt contravened the strategic view that TA put forward, producing counter proposals where necessary. All these helped that collaborative and productive partnership between the teams for which (the consultant) played a key role... (The consultant) has been extremely effective in his role here.
    -- Michael Luchmun, CTB Schema Design Lead, September 2012
  • Right from the outset I realised that both (consultants) were accomplished practitioners in their own right... (one had) a deep understanding of many business products and the upstream systems coming from a background of research and trading systems. With his quick thinking, analytical skill and dedication he quickly gained the respect of the accounting SMEs; ... (another) brought up-to-the-minute expertise in service based architecture, object oriented analysis, design and C++. His tenacity, grasp of technology and ability to persuade rapidly commanded the leadership of the team of newly assembled developers. It was the way in which the consultants worked together that really cemented the project’s lasting success. Rather than confining themselves to their respective duties, they forged a lasting partnership and integrated their problem solving abilities. Each was inspired by and improved the ideas of the other and their complementary experiences and knowledge sets ensured a broad scope delivery. Their hard work, proactive style and effective cooperation allowed a fully featured prototype to be delivered after just six weeks. Then, earning the technical leadership of their team, they specified, designed and built the core of a flexible system (and, later, an extension) which is still live a decade later. Their joint problem solving, articulation, lateral thinking and industry knowledge would be a formidable asset to any program. Testimonials of partnerships, as opposed to individuals, are unusual, but this pair is much more than the sum of its parts.
    -- Keith Pritchard, Executive Director, July 2010.
  • Outstanding! The consultant was simply an incredible partner to work with in all areas and I really can't think of anything that I would suggest for him to work on in terms of improvement...His leadership and dedication to this project was without doubt the primary reason our portion of the project was as smooth and effective as it was.
    --Alex You, Practice Manager, East, Federal and Latin America Regions, IBM, December 2009.
  • "The consultant instilled confidence in the finance team from his first interaction at the demo and continued to do so throughout the project ... His depth of knowledge and expertise is using a rules engine to generate accounting entries was a key factor in building this confidence and trust ... His approach in facilitating discovery and design sessions was invaluable.
    -- Tanya Crino, Accounting Manager, Time Customer Services, November 2009.
  • "It was clear the consultant was working hard to complete milestones without sacrificing quality...His advice was sought for many different aspects of the his ability to provide well thought out advice and answers, he quickly gained our trust...he was very effective helping to lead the project forward.
    -- Chris Wacker, Business Rules Lead, Time Customer Services, November 2009.
  • "The consultant brought his expertise and creative problem solving skills to our team, and with him we were able to produce an excellent application. He showed professionalism and dedication to the successful outcome of a complex project. I would happily work with him again. Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative."
    -- Hasani Jess, Technology Consultant, Morgan Stanley, November 2007.
  • The consultant was extremely effective at assisting the IT and business teams in understanding how the rule engine functionality would strategically assist us in our business rule modelling... His approach to consulting was unique. He was not trying to just sell us the new product (or impose on us a solution), but he quickly learnt the MS accounting business model, then found effective solutions on how to adopt the product to our business needs... He also formed an effective communication bridge between our business and IT teams. This helped to facilitate quicker and more effective solutions."
    -- Greg Edwards, Senior Libra Business Analyst, Morgan Stanley, October 2007.
  • "The consultant was 100% dependable over the course of the project ... he always delivered... He really added value, the project team are happy with his delivery... I would always consider working with him in the future as he is a pleasure to work with."
    -- Amit Chauhan, Executive Consultant, ATOS Origin, October 2007.
  • The consultant was very honest, which I appreciated very much. He made his points clear and reported risks very early. He showed an understanding of the entire project, not just his part. This resulted in good trustworthiness in his statements and risk assessments... His professionalism in dealing with a demanding project in a complex area was very high. He was always master of the situation, even in critical times. He is a good team player and was well accepted by the whole team.
    -- Andre Jöhl, Project Manager ROT, Credit Suisse, April 2006.
  • The consultant became a fully trusted advisor for all the people he works with, we have already offered other engagements to this consultant.
    -- Frederik Stork, Professional Services Manager, ILOG Germany, April 2006.
  • Good management of problem resolution process … reliable during bumpy parts of the project.
    -- Emmanuel Bonnet, Consulting Manager, Genigraph France, April 2006.
  • The consultant is an asset to any IT/investment banking project due to his wide general and business specific knowledge. He often brought novel solutions to sometimes seemingly intractable problems, which required lateral thinking.
    -- Eric Lovett, AcS Program Manager, Deutsche Bank, December 2004
  • …delivered the sales audit application to a very high standard (proven by a low defect rate with product test)… The consultant demonstrated a strong work ethic. He worked overtime to complete his tasks… able to approach the design of complex components in a logical manner with minimal assistance, giving timely feedback about his progress.
    -- Jurgen Holland, SG2 Manager, Accenture, July 2003.

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