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Contract Flexibility

Our client experience has shown us that that, with business rules, one size does not fit all. The contractual arrangements that fit one client will be unsuitable for others. That’s why we offer a range of ‘mix and match’ contract terms to suit you. Many of these ‘bolt-on’ contract options limit your up front expenditure and promote results oriented payment.

Basic Structure

We can provide services following any of these basic models:
  • Fixed Price. We can analyse your requirements and provide a fixed price bid.
  • Budget Cap. A fixed budget is specified by you and we bid the scope and services we can provide at that price level.
  • Time and Materials. For projects with many unknowns, we can offer this low cost option in conjunction with rigorous reporting and cost control.
  • Mixed. A composite contract featuring any combination of the above for separate components.

Mix and Match Options

The follow options can be ‘bolted on’ to the above in any combination
  • Zero Start-Up Risk Option. At a negotiated point into the project (usually about 15%), you may perform a health check of our progress and delivery. If you are not completely satisfied, you can cancel and all fees payable to that point will be waived; effectively you will have paid nothing.
  • Zero Commitment Option. You may terminate the contract at any time with no cancellation fee, notice periods or other surcharges. Only fees accrued to the point of cancellation will be billed.
  • Progress Proof Option. For any phase of the project during which a progress deadline or metric was missed, we will forfeit part of our fee.

Contract Benefits