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Productivity Through Experience

Our Values

We pride ourselves on our strategic values...

Satisfying Real Needs

Many projects have wasted time and money trying to satisfy vague, incorrect, continually changing or internally inconsistent requirements. Lux Magi Ltd favours a rigourous, incremental and structured approach to requirements capture with continual input and assessment from the project sponsors and the businesses they serve. We beleive in building systems for change and safe agility. To succeed, development teams need to be in close daily contact with the business and working towards concrete goals that are well integrated to the business’s strategies. The former need to supply measurable critical success factors, meaningful consistent requirements and sound test cases (with expected results); the latter should present a succession of working prototypes, releases into an ever more representative architectural context to elicit feedback and identify problems.


Lux Magi Ltd is ‘pragmatic’ in recognising that delivery of business benefit and client satisfaction are the only criteria on which any project will be and should be judged. We aim to deliver measurable value from the outset, usually by demonstrating tangible progress toward a business goal or improvement of a business metric within weeks of starting work. We do not subscribe to lengthy project initiation phases in which little visual value is delivered.

An Open and Honest Approach

If a client assignment is not progressing as it should, or our consultants feel they are not adding value, we will be the first to report it. We will offer to modify or even withdraw our service if the client consents. If it is determined that culpability is ours, billing will reflect this.

Productivity Through Experience

All our staff are experienced professionals with considerable expertise in the business domain. We are not an agency, we will not tender staff for engagements for which they have less than two years practical experience, unless the engagement involves technologies younger than this and the client is happy to allow the engagement to continue on this basis. Any role adopted by our consultant on assignment should be rendered more productive through automation wherever possible. This is especially true of testing.

Mutual Development

It is our intention that all engagements should be development opportunities for our staff and those members of our client’s staff that are directly associated with it. It is the company’s goal, during any one assignment, to develop client staff to a level of expertise that the Lux Magi Ltd consultant is no longer required. We do not believe in a long-term culture of client dependency on consultants for a specific role. A long term engagement with a client would therefore necessitate an evolution of the consultant’s role over time or movement between projects.

What Clients Can Expect