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About Lux Magi

Lux Magi has been trading for over twelve years and during this time we have played a pivotal role in the development of nine enterprise-level finance systems. Five of these were for top-tier investment banks and the others for financial institutions. All of these systems are still live and delivering business benefit today. Read more about Lux Magi’s architectural services and our previous client engagements.

We pride ourselves on our client satisfaction ratings: 70% of our business in the period 2005-2012 was repeat business and over 70% of our clients give our consultants a satisfaction rating of 80% or more (in feedback polls). We attribute this to our core values. Learn more about Lux Magi’s client testimonials.

We offer considerable experience of reviewing and developing middle and back office finance architectures, especially accounting systems. Once of our specialties is reducing the risk the adoption of business rules management systems (BRMS) or decision management systems (BDMS) in this context.

Why do our clients choose us? Usually for one of more of the following reasons...


Our personnel have a least fifteen years experience of developing banking systems of which at least ten were spent developing financial systems and gaining experience of the associated technologies (look at Lux Magi consultant’s typical experience profile). Every consultant has citations from at least three previous engagements. Learn more about typical Lux Magi engagements and see our detailed case study.


Lux Magi Ltd will guarantee delivery of work to a deadline estimated by us. We will perform any remedial work that the client feels should have been performed to a deadline, but through our fault was not, at no cost to the client. See our flexible contract terms. Such is our confidence in our services and products that we, uniquely, offer free offsite support for all of their service life.

Personal Productivity

At Lux Magi, consultants practice personal productivity. If, during the course of their engagement, a consultant performs a routine task on several occasions, they will find a means of safely automating that task to reduce the time and human intervention it requires—consequently freeing themselves to add value elsewhere where their expertise is needed. We guarantee our consultant’s productivity will continuously increase whilst they are on an engagement.

Quality Guarantee

Uniquely, Lux Magi Ltd will offer all clients a money-back guarantee if the client is not satisfied with the standard of the work that one of our employees produces. If the client expresses dissatisfaction with the consultant at any time, Lux Magi Ltd will either change its consultant, or withdraw from the assignment, whichever is preferred by the client with no questions asked. If this occurs within the first 15% of the estimated duration of the project, we will waive our entire fee. See our contract terms for further details.

Delivering Value Quickly

Lux Magi believes in demonstrating value quickly. Whether it be by prototype, agile delivery or tiger team review, we aim to deliver tangible value within one month of the assignment starting.


Lux Magi Ltd is not now, nor has it ever been, an advocate of any hardware manufacturer, software house or vendor. Our only vested interest is our client's success.

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